I want to thank you for your presentation at the Florida Health Care Conference in Orlando, Wednesday July 7th.

Your presentation to a standing room only (not to mention those sitting in the isles)  was uplifting and inspirational.  I spoke with so many after your presentation and they were so impressed with your approach and are very excited to have you come back again next year.

The presentation on dealing with caregiver stress is something everyone needs to hear and you touched on so many important issues including choices in lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and of course non-pharmacological approaches.  I know that getting this information out is so very important.

As a caregiver myself  I wish I had known you when I was going through the stress of caregiving.  I also want to thank you for reminding us all that it is a privilege to be a caregiver and to appreciate what we do when we give to others. I am looking forward to working with you and continuing to spread this information.

I believe you will create a culture change.

This comes to you with an attitude of gratitude.