Thank you, Dr Rivera for your kind, compassionate manner of speaking. I was at your workshop yesterday – My hushand has cognitive impairment, but not Alzheimer’s as of yet. I’m at the stage of learning anything I can to further my knowledge of how to cope.

Your comparison of a loved one with Alzheimer’s being like a death was wonderful. That is SO true. Having been divorced after the death of two sons that my husband could not cope with (so he left)- was exactly the same – grieving was like a death that you had to work through, but he wasn’t deceased – in some ways even more difficult.

I already journal, walk,exercise, keep busy with volunteering, but wanted to add another special thing that works for me – Listening to music at every available chance. I have an IPOD and have it in my ear whenever “negative thoughts” come to mind. I appreciated meeting you and thank you for the wonderful things you are doing for the elderly. It is most appreciated.

Thanks again.