Recently, my family had the privilege of having Dr. Miguel Rivera, treat our mother for stroke related dementia. Her illness began in June of 2012. She had three hospitalizations at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, the last one in November 2012, requiring ten days in the Physical Rehabilitation Unit. During this time her dementia progressed significantly, and we were now faced also with the agitation of sundowning episodes when she would become more confused, angry, and at times think we were trying to hurt her. I would check on her during the night four and five times because she would get out of bed on her own. She was in the category of high risk for falling. My husband and I were not getting any beneficial sleep. She was impossible to deal with during the day because her mind was not functioning normal. Being a single caregiver I felt frustrated, hopeless, and helpless and was advised by my doctors that my health was declining, and that I needed to place her in a long term care facility.

In December 2012 we contacted Dr. Miguel Rivera to handle her case. The improvement was immediate, and over the period of six months Dr. Rivera’s treatments have been able to eliminate the sundowning, totally improve her memory, her physical strength and improve her quality of life on a daily basis. I consider this exceptional considering my mother is 94 years old. The difference from the beginning up until now, under Dr. Rivera’s care, is truly amazing. Because of Dr. Rivera we are able to still care for our mother in our loving home environment.

We are so grateful to Dr. Rivera for giving us our mother and grandmother back to us as she is such a beloved member of our family.