I am extremely happy to be able to testify to Dr. Miguel Rivera’s compassion and expertise as a Psychiatrist.

My personal story is that my mother is 93 and suffers from blindness and severe Dementia as well as being wheel chair bound. After being given various Anti-Psychotic drugs in an attempt to control her behavior she became a different person. When Dr. Rivera met her she was unable to tell him who she was and was screaming out in terror from delusions and hallucinations. Dr. Rivera immediately took over her treatment and withdrew most medicines in order to start from scratch. He became involved in her care on a daily basis and maintained close communication with me and the facility where she lives. He truly micro-managed her care even if he was needed in the middle of the night.

Because of his care, I feel as if he has given back my mother. Of course, she still has Dementia and the rest of her physical issues, but she is calm and free of the severe delusions and hallucinations which truly made her suffer. She can now smile, sing and enjoy people.

Dr. Rivera has given my mother the opportunity to live with a better quality of life and given me peace of mind. I highly recommend his services with an unqualified salute to his caring, compassionate and extraordinary expertise. He stands at the top of the medical profession.