Dr. Rivera changed my life. As someone who has suffered from depression most of her life (I even failed ECT), I sought help from many physicians. I was always given a pill and told that I had a “chemical imbalance”. I was resigned to taking medication for the rest of my life.

Dr. Rivera showed me a different path. He showed me that I had the power within to determine my own reality. Living in the moment and being present for the here and now were the only things that counted. The journey, not the destination is what ultimately brings us happiness.

Dr. Rivera equipped me with tools such as yoga, meditation, affirmations, positive thinking and mindful eating to overcome the bad habits that fuel depression.

Most importantly, Dr. Rivera taught me that gratitude is everything. Many of us mistakenly believe that we are grateful because we are happy. Instead, it is gratitude that brings us happiness. Gratitude allows us to savor each moment and abandon such toxic behaviors such as rumination, obsessing, and negative thought patterns.

Ultimately, loving and serving others is what brings us joy.

Through Dr. Rivera, I was not only empowered to “pick up my sword” and fight my own battle, I was given the knowledge that everything is always changing. My suffering today did not mean that tomorrow would bring more.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Rivera. He is an innovative, creative, and gifted thinker. He demonstrates a great deal of compassion and concern for his patients. He helped me conquer my depression and build an arsenal to battle any future depressions.

Thanks to him, I now know that all we need to do is get up each morning and do our best.