Dr. Miguel Rivera is an incredible human being. I would like to briefly tell you of all the good he has done for my family. Dr. Rivera first started working with my mother, Mary, quite a few years ago. In Feb of 2010, mom fell in her home and broke a hip. After spending time in rehab, she fell again in April of the same year and broke the other hip. Along with this, she was in the early stages of dementia, and glaucoma was robbing her of her eyesight. Sounds depressing – and it was – but Dr. Rivera entered our lives, and he made all of our lives better. Dr. R worked his magic with my mom – a major music lover and self taught musician of a sort. She played the ukulele and piano by ear with no formal training or lessons. Dr. R brightened the days for my mom. Although she developed full blown dementia, and ended up totally blind – Dr. Rivera brought her happiness through his visits and through music. All the while, my father, who was in relatively good health through all of this, praised Dr. R for all he had done for Mary. Dad loved her so much – visiting her for hours – every day – while she was at Sarasota Memorial Nursing and Rehab.

April 2014 was the time my father, Marshall, had to move into an assisted living facility. He had the beginning symptoms of dementia. Dad continued to visit Mary every week – getting rides to SMN&R from Palmer Ranch. Mom passed on March 9, 2015. Dr. R made her life better. Now he is working with my father, assisting in any and every way. Dad was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple myeloma and has started with hospice care. Dr. R continues to work with my dad, updating me with every visit. He truly cares for his patients. Some doctors, in my experiences, are too quick to dismiss the elderly. Dr. R strives to help his patients to attain the highest quality of life possible. If it weren’t for Dr. R’s persistence, we would not have even found out about dad’s myeloma! It was he who sensed something was wrong with dad – something he couldn’t put his finger on, and he called the primary doctor who did nothing about it. So Dr. R followed his instincts and ordered the blood tests and when the results came back, he knew something was wrong – something more serious. He ordered more blood work and got us a consult with a cancer specialist. It was then we received the results that dad had cancer. Dr. R will continue his work with my dad till the end – and for all he has done for my family – I am eternally grateful.
Paul Ziring