Although you contact with my Uncle was brief, your care and concern for his well being was quite amply demonstrated.  I sincerely appreciate your efforts in trying to improve the quality of life of my Uncle’s final days.  You were a great comfort to him, and especially to me.

This is the best lecture series I’ve ever attended.  Just superb practical information that everyone can incorporate in their lives.  I could listen to you forever!

Thank you, Dr Rivera for your kind, compassionate manner of speaking. I was at your workshop yesterday – My hushand has cognitive impairment, but not Alzheimer’s as of yet. I’m at the stage of learning anything I can to further my knowledge of how to cope.

Your comparison of a loved one with Alzheimer’s being like a death was wonderful. That is SO true. Having been divorced after the death of two sons that my husband could not cope with (so he left)- was exactly the same – grieving was like a death that you had to work through, but he wasn’t deceased – in some ways even more difficult.

I already journal, walk,exercise, keep busy with volunteering, but wanted to add another special thing that works for me – Listening to music at every available chance. I have an IPOD and have it in my ear whenever “negative thoughts” come to mind. I appreciated meeting you and thank you for the wonderful things you are doing for the elderly. It is most appreciated.

Thanks again.

Thank you so much for putting so much of yourself into the Lecture Series.  It was my best series in many ways, but mostly because of you, Miguel.  The response has been spectacular, and you left your audience crying for more.  Great achievements don’t usually happen overnight.  You have made the first step.  I will be your strongest cheerleader, loving critic, and forever friend.  You have a great gift that needs to be shared.

Our paths have come together for a reason.  You have enriched my life and opened my mind to embrace what is most important.  For all that you are, I am grateful.

I want to thank you for your presentation at the Florida Health Care Conference in Orlando, Wednesday July 7th.

Your presentation to a standing room only (not to mention those sitting in the isles)  was uplifting and inspirational.  I spoke with so many after your presentation and they were so impressed with your approach and are very excited to have you come back again next year.

The presentation on dealing with caregiver stress is something everyone needs to hear and you touched on so many important issues including choices in lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and of course non-pharmacological approaches.  I know that getting this information out is so very important.

As a caregiver myself  I wish I had known you when I was going through the stress of caregiving.  I also want to thank you for reminding us all that it is a privilege to be a caregiver and to appreciate what we do when we give to others. I am looking forward to working with you and continuing to spread this information.

I believe you will create a culture change.

This comes to you with an attitude of gratitude.

The following is from O magazine on Live Your Best Life.  I really liked it and I think it speaks to what you are promoting.

“What might my life be like were I to give in to the rhythms of my own ragged dance? Like this, I imagine, walking down the trail, past the grapevines and winecups and huisache blooming in the sun. Just like this attentiveness, this pleasure, this being present to the world.” Susan Hanson

Since I have been attending your lectures, I have made the following changes in my day:

  • Do my morning yoga to music rather than the Today show
  • Have added tumeric to many of my recipes
  • Do conscious breathing more during my day
  • Have stopped taking 10mg of amitriptyline at bedtime
  • Meditate at night before going to bed (I picture myself sitting by the Koi Pool at Selby Gardens and try to bring to mind all the things of beauty in my life, no matter how big or small.

You are truly making a difference for so many.

Thanks so much.

What a wonderful day and evening yesterday.  You are an amazing teacher.  I observed the reactions of the Floyd team while you were speaking and it was such a thrill to behold.  You held them spellbound throughout much of the time.  They are so impressed and inspired by you.  I know something BIG is going to happen and I couldn’t be more happy for you.  My friend was totally enthralled by every word you said.  She told me later that this experience has transformed her, not just regarding her position at work, but as a human being.  You have that effect on people my friend.  You are meant to do great things, trust me.

We wanted to let you know how beneficial your two lectures have been for us.  On the way home today, we talked about dietary changes we could make slowly that might forestall our physical and mental decline. Your approach, not to throw a medication at a symptom, but to look at the root cause and see if something less drastic can fix it coincides with our approach.  Mind you, we each take some prescribed medicines, but we give it a “risk analysis approach” before we do and after your lectures, will give it more.

We would be interested in workshops you and your wife might offer  on various aspects of lifestyle.

Again, thank you for your expertise, willingness to share with the public, and for your wife’s time, experience and enthusiasm. You are quite a team.

I attended your recent presentation at the Senior Friendship Center in Sarasota and found it very interesting.  As a result, I reviewed my medications and and found an anticholinergic in the list and contacted my physician and asked him to review my medications.  I came across this article re: the Beer’s list with a Canadian twist and thought you would be interested.  The attachment seems well organized: attachment

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